How bookmakers calculate odds: 1xBet prediction in Nigeria


The first thing you need to know is that bookmakers 1xBet prediction always compose odds so that they can make a profit for any outcome.

And they do it as follows 1xBet prediction app:

  1. First, analysts and experts assess the real likelihood of a particular outcome. For example, take a football match between 1xBet prediction Chelsea and Tommy. It is clear that Londoners are favorites. The probability of the results is estimated on the basis of analytical (mathematics, probability theory) and heuristic (expert opinion) methods. Assume that the chance of Chelsea winning is 80%, a draw – 15% and Time’s triumph – 5%.
  2. Then the bookmakers calculate the odds. For this, the unit is divided by the percentage of probability obtained 1xBet mega jackpot prediction. That is, the odds of winning Chelsea will be 1.25 (1 / 0.8), a draw – 6.6 (1 / 0.15) and a victory for Tome – 20 (1 / 0.05). Of course, if BC puts such coefficients in its line, it will not receive any profit. The third step is based on this 1xBet mega jackpot prediction.
  3. The real coefficients that are formed in the previous step are intentionally underestimated. In our example, they will look something like this: 1.15 – 6 – 15. If you translate this back into percentages of probability, you get 86% – 16% – 6%. In total, it turns out not 100%, but 108% 1xBet prediction tips.
  4. Bookmakers determine their profit 1xBet prediction tips. In our example, this is 8% (108% -100%). It is called a margin in the 1xBet free prediction world (the difference between the real probability and the one that the bookmaker has determined). And if it seems too small to them, the coefficients are underestimated even more so that the difference between the real probability and the one they calculate and put in line is desirable. Of course, bookmakers are guided by competitor’s 1xBet free prediction, so as not to be the greediest office.
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1xBet predictions: mega jackpot prediction rules

1xBet prediction for your bets in Nigeria

There is another interesting nuance in the calculation of betting odds 1xBet prediction jackpot. It consists in the fact that the odds of winning a favorite are always underestimated more than the rest. Let’s get back to our example 1xBet jackpot prediction.

As you remember, the following coefficients were obtained 1xBet prediction jackpot:

  1. Real 1.25 – 6.6 – 20.
  2. Compiled by BC 1.15 – 6 – 15.
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1xBet prediction tips for newbie

Suppose that the total amount of bets is 1000 dollars and 90% of this money falls on the victory of the favorite, that is, Chelsea and another 5% for the draw and the triumph of Time 1xBet online prediction. It turns out that if the “pensioners” win, BC will have to pay 1,035 dollars (900 * 1.15).

If there is a draw, then 300 (50 * 6) and if Tom defeats Chelsea, 750 (50 * 15). In the last two cases, the net profit of BC will be 700 (1000-300) and 250 (1000-750) 1xBet online prediction.

1xBet online prediction site

Therefore, the office needs to further reduce the likelihood of winning a favorite 1xBet sure prediction.

For example, if you put the coefficient 1.05, it turns out that in case of victory the bookmaker will give 945 dollars, and 55 will take it for him 1xBet sure prediction.

The bookmaker will always be in profit of 1xBet match prediction

Now you know how 1xBet prediction tomorrow calculates the probability of an outcome 1xBet match prediction. It’s time to uncover a few secrets to reading the line. In this regard, the question arises of how to choose a coefficient in the bookmaker, that is, where to find a coefficient that will allow you to win more than the rest 1xBet today prediction.

One thing is for sure: don’t choose unknown and illegal bookmakers. Of course, determine exactly which bookmaker has the highest odds 1xBet mobile predictions.Get you bonus 144$

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